About the company

The food industry, particularly the production of cookies and confectionery, is a growing industry in Malaysia. Food products based on confectionery, such as baked goods and pastries (e.g., biscuits, cakes and breads) have increasingly become the choice of Malaysians, in line with their lifestyles that require food that is simple but also nutritious.

Beginning from a deep interest in confectionery making (such as baked goods and pastries) and working from the home in 2008 with the support of family members and orders from close friends, we finally decided to venture into the field seriously and subsequently AMD GLOBAL RESOURCES (AGR) was established.

The business premises, which we found promising after a survey, is situated in Bandar Country Homes, Rawang. This opportunity enables us to intensify our efforts in producing more varieties of confectionery for sale. The premises have also become a biscuit supply centre for school canteens in the surrounding area.

We have, in brief, attended various basic and intensive courses in pastry, biscuit, bread and cake making conducted by various baking centres on the correct techniques and methods used in the confectionery industry. Our accomplishments and the encouraging response from customers have given us the confidence to increase the equipment and machinery that we have, as well as upgrade to more efficient equipment, in the hope that this business will continue to grow.

In line with the government’s desire to produce more Bumiputera entrepreneurs in expanding the halal food industry, AMD Global Resources aspires to be a competitive and progressive company, and subsequently expand its business.